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Partnership Firn Registration Packages - Infinity Compliance

BASIC PARTNERSHIP FIRM Registration Packages

(10 - 15 Days Process)

Documents Needed:

  • PAN Card copy of each Partner
  • Aadhar Card of each Partner
  • 1 Colour Photograph of each Partner
  • Business Address Proof (Electricity bill / Rent Agreement, etc.)
  • Mail ID & Mobile Number
  • Business Name
2399 /- Only
(all inclusive fees)
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    As per the Indian Partnership Act of 1932,

    A Partnership is a connection between people who have consented to share the benefits of a business carried on by all or any of them representing all as expressed in Section 4 of the Indian Partnership Act.

    A Partnership Firm is not a separate legal entity unmistakable from its individuals. It is simply an aggregate name given to the people making it. Henceforth, not at all like a company which has a separate legal entity distinct from its members, a firm can’t have property or utilize hirelings, neither it can be a creditor or debtor.


    Deliberate Registration – Registration of partnership firm isn’t mandatory. Since the enlistment gives different advantages to the firm in this manner it is attractive.

    Legitimate Status – Partnership firm has no particular lawful status separate from its partners.

    Legally binding relationship – A written agreement known as partnership deed which is signed by all the partners, ties them in an authoritative relationship.

    Unlimited Liability / Boundless Liability – The liability of partners of a partnership firm is boundless. They are together held obligated for the obligations and misfortunes of the firm.

    Number of Partners – The minimum number of individuals required to begin a partnership firm is two and a maximum is 10 if there should be an occurrence of banking business and 20 in the event of every other sort of business.

    Skill of Partners – Every partner must be capable enough to go into the agreement of partnership. He ought not to be a minor, insane person or indebted.

    Sharing of Profit and Loss – In a firm all the benefits and misfortunes are shared by the partners in any proportion as concurred. On the off chance that it isn’t given, at that point they share it equally.


    MSME Registration – A Partnership Firm can get Udyog Aadhaar Registration(MSME Registration) on the off chance that it needs to enlist under Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises and needs to get its advantages.

    Trademark Registration – A Partnership Firm can apply for Trademark Registration if it needs to register the trademark of its Name, Logo, and so forth.

    TAN Registration – In a Partnership Firm, TAN isn’t required if your firm’s turnover doesn’t surpass Rs. 1 crore. If you have a Partnership Firm that is rendering professional services then you need not apply for TAN if it’s not crossing the limit of Rs 50 lakhs.

    Import Export Code – A Partnership Firm can get Import Export License from Directorate General of Foreign Trade, if it wants to import or export of goods/services.

    GST Registration – A Partnership Firm should enlist under Goods and Services Tax, if its yearly turnover surpasses 40 Lakh for Goods Suppliers* 20 Lakh for Service Providers* and Mandatory for Interstate Supply.


    • Ease of Formation
    • Flexibility of Operations
    • Balanced Judgement
    • Economies in Management
    • Maintenance of Secrecy
    • Risk Reduction
    • Greater-Scope for Expansion
    • Protection of Minority Interest
    • Greater Managerial Resources
    • Easy Dissolution
    • Taxation


    • Unlimited Liability
    • Uncertain Continuity
    • Inadequacy of Capital
    • Restriction on Transfer of Interest
    • Risk of Implied Authorityviii. Lack of Public Confidence
    • Delay in Decision-Making
    • Aversion to Risk
    • No Independent Legal Status
    • Limited Scope for Expansion
    • Mutual Conflicts
    • Continuation of Responsibilities


    All Inclusive Pricing – No Hidden Fee


    all inclusive fees



    all inclusive fees

    Best Value


    all inclusive fees



    all inclusive fees

    Business Class


    1. Trademark Registration – An additional fee of Rs.4500 will be chargeable extra for firm not eligible for MSME Certificate. The government fees for trademark registration is Rs.9000 per application per class for firm. For MSME’s , fees is Rs.4500.
    2. ₹500 Cashback – To get eligible for ₹500 Cashback, you need to collect a first payment of minimum ₹500 in payment gateway(via credit card, debit card, net banking or UPI) from your customer.

    Other Entity Registrations

    Difference Type


    Partnership Firm

    Limited Liability Partnership

    Private Limited Company

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